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Cindy Workman
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Gallery Hours:
June - Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-6:00
July - Tuesday-Friday 10:00-6:00

Cindy Workman (b. 1961) continues an exploration of sexual images of women. She scans pornographic photographs from the 1950s and 60s and working digitally adds layers of other images. In this new body of work, the sexual imagery is combined either with comic book heroes, coloring books and children's crayon drawings. Her artworks are produced as large-format inkjet prints, laminated behind plexiglass and presented in sleek white frames; tidy packages incorporating intense and conflicted emotions.

Workman's central theme addresses female sexual identity from the dual viewpoints of child and adult. Certain aspects ­ available female vs. male aggressor, for example ­ are clear and straightforward. Others, such as the nature of her own view of these images of women intended for the male gaze, are less obvious. There is a contrast between the free graphic expressiveness of the kids' crayon drawings and the control implied in the "connect the dots" pictures and the role-playing, role-teaching illustrations of little kittycats in dresses and little boys on horseys. These images function as a critique of societally-determined gender roles, perhaps, but are more emotional than analytical.

The imagery is located in a past era, the time frame of Workman's childhood. She has created the unmistakable aura of an idealized middle-class suburban milieu disrupted by the intrusion of sexual activity out in the open, on daybeds, in paneled rec-rooms. Innocence and experience are layered, the past and the present coexist, just as the figure of the lone ranger merges with that of the sex kitten in these digitally collaged works.

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