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Gallery Schlesinger

Fritz Bultman
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Fritz Bultman: Irascible
Abstract-Expressionist Paintings Circa 1950

From March 4 - March 29, 2003 Gallery Schlesinger will show the Abstract-Expressionist paintings of Fritz Bultman.  Bultman, who died in 1985, was born in 1919 in New Orleans.  His interest in art was awakened early in his life and flourished under the influenced of Morris Graves, the New Bauhaus in Chicago and Hans Hofmann.

A member of the first generation of New York’s Abstract-Expressionists, who railed against the restrictive tastes and conservatism of the established art world, Bultman was among the signers of a public letter to the president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art protesting that museum’s shunning of the most advanced and daring of contemporary work.  The letter caused an uproar in the art world and served as a catalyst for the broader acceptance and recognition of avant-garde art.  Life Magazine featured a now famous photograph of the "Irascible Eighteen" as the signing protesters came to be known.  Bultman’s place in the forefront of the modernist movement has been somewhat obscured, since his was traveling abroad and was not present when the photograph was taken. 

Bultman's paintings circa 1950 are "textbook" achievements of the Abstract-Expressionist philosophy.

For further information please contact Stephen L. Schlesinger.

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