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Alan Turner
- Additional Information -

In the summer of 2000, Alan Turner began to draw directly from nature after many years of having painted potent psychological narratives involving the human body. The work which resulted from this foray into the woods is the work which we are most pleased to exhibit. It is work informed by a great love of nature, a highly developed sense of the history of western art and the sensibility which evolved in the previous work. The spatial, touch and color aspects of such artists as Ingres, Velasquez and Bonnard inform Turner’s primary pursuit which is to gain a feeling for the forces and caprices of nature.

In the woods, Turner made small drawings of the forest floor. They are carefully observed and beautifully drawn, visually probing and tactilely rewarding. For a while he just made drawings, first in pencil with the suggestion of texture and volume, later he used only a fine ink line to record his observations. As Turner considered how their particular qualities might give rise to oil paintings, he used colored pencils to differentiate shapes and planes within the context of the ink outlines.

The paintings were all made in 2002. Painted in his New York studio, they range in size from three to five feet and preserve many of the intimate qualities of the drawings on which they are based. Along with the larger group of paintings in color are several in which he used just a clear painted line to link drawing and painting into a single form.

Alan Turner was born in 1943 and has shown his work regularly since the early 1970s. His previous solo exhibitions at Lennon,Weinberg took place in 1996 and 2000. He received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2001.

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