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First Street Gallery

Six Painters from First Street
- Additional Information -

The Artists: In Their Own Words

Ann Cooper: "The paintings presented here incorporate patterns from different cultures juxtaposed with landscape or traditional scenic views. Still life painting usually refers to objects on a flat surface, but using different subject matter, these are transformed into an intersection of landscape and ornament in a literal and symbolic sense."
Joseph D'Esposito: "In this present exhibit at First Street Gallery, my paintings have moved away from my former cityscapes toward a landscape of the self and its sources. A native of Brooklyn, I studied at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design. My painterly realism, based on observation, memory and imagination has its roots in the streets of Brooklyn and amongst the quotidian objects of my life. In this particular exhibit, an ascendant role is assigned to the self in search both of its past and cultural origins. "

Suzi Evalenko: "The two works presented here celebrate my mother, who died a year ago. The oil presents the young 'Dramatic Beauty' who commanded the space around her, even in her most contemplative moments, making every room a backdrop to an intense close-up. The drawing, done a few hours before her death, completes the metaphor of a life lived passionately, with few compromises and no apologies. She died as she lived, 'On Her Own Terms.' Knowing she would have this final victory, she slept well for the first time in years."

Wendy Gittler: "For more than twenty-five years, I have been going to an ecologically fragile key that allowed me to witness the continual upheavals of sand and sea. The transient inhabitants and shifting spatial perspectives have made me re-conceive my work in light of spatial discontinuity and memory."

Penny Kronengold: "In these works, competitive swimmers await the moment of entry into the water or are caught in mid-swim during practice. The images are developed from drawings done at the pool where I train; others are recalled from a meet. The link between the discipline of athletic training and the rigorous search for rightness in a drawing inspire an exploration of the theme, as do the metaphors of water, pace clocks and divers."

Mari Lyons: "Still-life with Pumpkin and Teapot" was painted in my recently completed studio in Woodstock, New York. It is both a study of space and light and a studio interior with gueridon, sculpture stand, and myself as a small dim reflection in the arch-shaped Tibetan mirror. The organization of the painting is abstract: it is not a reproduction of nature but an attempt to make of the motionless objects something both animated and still."

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