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Slought Foundation

Second Life
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Excerpt from Slought Foundation, Philadelphia:

Second Life
A series of previously unfinalized works about social and institutional boundaries and thresholds.

Slought Foundation, Philadelphia
February 9 to March 23, 2017

Slought is pleased to announce "Second Life," a project that explores thresholds in previously unfinalized works about social and institutional boundaries, on display February 9 to March 23, 2017, with an opening reception on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm.

The concept of the unfinalizable appears in the Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin’s writings, and describes our unending relationship to individuals, artworks and communities. Resisting the tendency to assess individuals or artworks as finite, Bakhtin proposes continual dialogue and processes of becoming. He recognizes that we are always "on the threshold of decisions" as we mediate relationships among individuals and their social and historical realities. In particular, Bakhtin accentuates dialogue and performance as potentially radicalizing and destabilizing forces. They mark an intertwining of self and society, and artworks and socio-political realities.

"Second Life" also builds upon contemporary discussions of the "open work," participation, and interactivity, as well as the current geopolitics of migration and survival. In all of these contexts, relationships and life itself unfolds in time, place and through acts of understanding and adaptation. Bakhtin invokes the term threshold to describe moments of crisis and rupture in these situations, which create the conditions for potential transformations of self, society and history. Derived from the Latin limen (liminal), a threshold is an activity or encounter on the margins. Such experiences resist normative and hierarchical structures and can lead to profound change for the individual and society.

With these considerations in mind, "Second Life" seeks to stage installations and events that enact such threshold experiences - - psychologically, spatially, and socially. We begin with installations and events engaging artist Dennis Oppenheim’s Guarded Land Area (1970), architect Lebbeus Woods’ Tales from the Tectonic Forest (2012), and designer Krzysztof Wodiczko’s City Hall Tower Illumination (1987). The architectural schematics and installation proposals in these works constitute an aesthetic of the threshold, and foreground experiences of social and institutional boundaries and power dynamics. In situating these works in Philadelphia, New Orleans and other cities marked by periods of individual, communal and institutional division, we also seek to create meaningful conversation and critical practices of empowerment.

Continued, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia.


Dennis Oppenheim, American, (1938-2011)
b. September 6, 1938, Electric City, WA
d. 2011

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