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Hudson Beach Glass

Deborah Davidovits
- Additional Information -

Deborah Davidovits
When Winter Comes

Beacon, NY - Hudson Beach Gallery will present the world premier of a new animated video work by Deb Davidovits. In her new work When Winter Comes, Davidovits creates an animated video shadow play, capturing low-tech hand-manipulated paper cutout figures and objects to create a subtle and poetic narrative about the passing of time. Set against an evocative music track, When Winter Comes represents a major step forward in Davidovits work, as it constitutes a far more structured narrative than her previous works, which functioned more as video tone poems. The new work will be projected continuously in the second floor rear gallery.

Davidovits has created a hybrid art form. She begins with small paper cutout figures and objects and transforms them using the ancient art of shadow projection. She manipulates the cutouts, with clearly visible wires, evoking Balinese puppetry and classic Japanese Bunraku theater. Yet when the video is shown enlarged as a video projection synchronized to a carefully selected music track, the transformation of this hybrid form feels completely new, and quite unique.

The work itself is a lyrical tracing of the four seasons, evoked through a series of moving paper cutouts set in relationship to the image of a window. On a separate wall, Davidovits plans to show the paper props themselves, and this opening of her process only adds to the works charm and allure.

Davidovits received a BFA from the Mass College of Art, in Boston, and an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. In addition to her studio work, she works as a Hearing Specialist for the Marlboro School District, in Marlboro, NY.

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