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Blue Mountain Gallery

- Additional Information -

December 1-26, 2009

Reception: Thursday December 3rd from 5 to 8 pm

White Music by Wayne Smith

Wear white!

* Check website for details concerning Saturday events.

White light is defined as the presence of all colors, rather than their absence. THE WHITE SHOW at Blue Mountain Gallery shows the dynamic nature of white as a color with all its nuances and subtle power. The paintings, prints and sculpture by gallery artists vary from abstract explorations of whiteness to realist work dominated by white elements.

The exhibition and the performance nature of the reception, with everyone encouraged to bask in the whiteness, dress in white, eat white food and listen to white music, was inspired by memories of a white show and happening in 1976 at The Work of Art Gallery on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Music at the reception, Thursday, December 3rd from 5 to 8 will be by Wayne Smith, a pianist known for his brilliant jazz improvisations and numerous classical music performances over his 50 year career.

Saturday, December 12,th at 2pm, four poets will resonate with white light. Join us to hear the work of Bob Heman, Edi Holley, Bill Pyles and Nathan Whiting.

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