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Blue Mountain Gallery

Robert Sievert
- Additional Information -

March 24–April 18,2009
RECEPTION: March 28, 3–6pm

Robert Sievert is an artist with a lifelong dedication to drawing the figure. Over the past two years he has been working in several new figurative areas.

This show acknowledges a debt to Deborah Stern, Tricia Vita and Marie Roberts who involved Robert in the phenomena that is Coney Island’s MERMAID PARADE AND BALL. In Sievert’s words, “What a privilege and inspiration. To be frank I was overwhelmed by these events which I can only describe as a ‘feast of flesh.’ Decorum was not a feature. The acres of skin on display were not those of a fashion shoot and peak physical condition was certainly not a prerequisite. Idiosyncrasy was the keynote. The superabundant visual exuberance and excess on display had a profound effect. My participation in these events totally inspired me to create this body of work: THE MERMAID BALL.”

The exhibition is divided into three sections: paintings, panels and prints. The paintings are direct observations of models posing as guests seen at the Mermaid Ball. PIRATE GIRL and ARABIAN PRINCESS are works done in the studio, as is ON A BREAK, suggested by images seen at the ball.  Also on view is a series of lithographs, THE MERMAID BALL, which is a new medium for Sievert. The prints are developed on pronto plates which substitute polyester film for the traditional lithographic stone. The panels are also direct observations of models drawn in graphite on gessoed panels and then reworked with white acrylic. They are not directly related to the Mermaid Ball. They combine Sievert’s skills as a draftsman and painter in an interesting new expression. They provided an opportunity for revision, overpainting and the refinement of line.

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Blue Mountain Gallery
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New York, NY 10001
Hours: Tuesdays–Saturdays 11am–6pm

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