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Galerie St. Etienne

Transforming Reality
- Additional Information -

Current Exhibition

TRANSFORMING REALITY: Pattern and Design in Modern and Self-Taught Art
January 15 through March 8, 2008

Press Release

The continuation of a series of exhibitions juxtaposing the work of unschooled and trained artists begun in 2006, the Galerie St. Etienne’s winter exhibition, TRANSFORMING REALITY, explores various approaches to the problem of pictorial representation.

Works by Leonard Baskin and Otto Dix, Paul Klee, Gustav Klimt, Käthe Kollwitz, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Egon Schiele and other Expressionist artists will hang alongside of works by un-schooled painters, among them Grandma Moses, Ilija Bosilj-Basicevic, Gugging artists Johann Fischer and Heinrich Reisenbauer, Morris Hirshfield, Lawrence Lebduska, Vasilij Romanenkov, and Scottie Wilson. TRANSFORMING REALITY will demonstrate that for schooled and unschooled artists alike, the elements of abstract design and pattern constitute an emotional language that transforms and transcends visual reality.

TRANSFORMING REALITY is documented by a comprehensive checklist, which is available free of charge by mail, or can be downloaded from our website The accompanying essay examines in depth sources of inspiration for both self- and formally educated artists, as well as relationships among works by these artists.

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