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Printed Matter, Inc.

Yoko Ono
- Additional Information -

Printed Matter, Inc. is very pleased to announce the opening of our summer exhibition, Yoko Ono: Editions, Ephemera and Printed Works. On view throughout Summer 2004, the exhibition will feature a wide range of material from the early 1960s to the present. Some pieces will be for sale while others, long out of print, will serve as a framework for the work of this committed avant-garde artist. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place at Printed Matter on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 from 5 to 7 PM. Printed Matter is located at 535 West 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.

Yoko Ono is known internationally as one of the most challenging and influential artists of our age. She has created revolutionary music, performance, film and visual art since the 1960s. Her engagement with language, concept and viewer participation had a strong influence on the formation of Fluxus, and she was among the first artists to practice what later came to be called "Conceptual Art." Her poetic projects operate on both intimate and global scales, linking experiences of personal transformation with the possibility of political transformation through thoughtful action.

Ono’s engagement with simple, human activities and her belief in the power of the mind to realize good through visualization, led her to create profound ephemeral works of art seamlessly integrated into everyday life. These works often took the form of instructions -- for music, paintings, events, objects and films. They were collected for the first time in her seminal 1964 artist’s book Grapefruit, which, from 1970 on, has been re-published in many languages and editions. Perhaps more copies of Grapefruit have been printed than any other artist’s book. Grapefruit has been with Printed Matter since our founding in 1976.

As an organization dedicated to artists’ publications as an alternative and accessible venue for artists’ ideas and artworks, Printed Matter is proud to present the work of someone who so inventively and energetically uses printed material as an integral part of her work. We are delighted to exhibit documents from Ono’s early performances, exhibitions, and installations in addition to examples of her mailed artworks, artists’ books, and a 1965 price list (a conceptual work in itself). Post cards and posters from her collaborative work with John Lennon, War is Over! (If You Want It), will be displayed alongside buttons, cards and posters from her current peace campaigns, Imagine Peace, and Remember Love. The image of a naked bottom that filled all public advertising space in the small town of Langenhagen, Germany for In Celebration of Being Human, covers umbrellas, stickers, shopping bags, newspapers and posters that will be for sale at Printed Matter during the exhibition.

Yoko Ono’s works and 15,000 other artists’ publications are available from Printed Matter’s web site:

For additional information, please contact Rachel Bers at or (212) 925-0325.

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