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Blue Mountain Gallery

Bound & Bagged: A Collaboration
- Additional Information -

Deborah Stern / Janice Lewis
Bound & Bagged:  A Collaboration

September 7 - October 2, 2004
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 9, 5-8 p.m.

Blue Mountain Gallery presents a collaborative exhibition of works by Deborah Stern and Janice Lewis.  The show features approximately 235 multimedia art books by Stern, comprising approximately 23,500 works on paper.  Each book explores a separate and distinct artistic element that is fully examined in the 100 odd pages within each book.  A wide variety of abstract and utilitarian bags were designed and fabricated by Lewis, using varying and unique materials.

Stern's work was accomplished over the last six years and narrowed down to only hardcover books from this time period.  Subject matter, media, and stylistic elements vary greatly among these works, reflecting the broad nature of her artistic approach.  Many of these books were the developmental and experimental basis of larger works and exhibitions that occurred during this time period.

Lewis has shown her work extensively on the east coast and is currently an associate professor at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.  Her areas of expertise extend not only to bags, but also incorporate cutting-edge fashion design.

The collaboration for this show developed over a bottle of wine between two friends who have long admired each other's work.  Together they visualized the concept of art books and art bags as a means to merge their complimentary views of art and its meaning.

This show is explicitly intended for the viewer to experience in a tactile manner.  To hold and read the art books and to hold and feel the textures and shapes of the art bags.

So please, feel free to pick up these books and bags, study them, explore them, stare at them (just don't drop them) and enjoy a unique opportunity to study the works of two talented artists.

For further information:
Blue Mountain Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street, NYC, 4th Floor, between 10th and 11th Avenues. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 - 6:00. Contact Deborah Stern at

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