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Galerie St. Etienne

Sue Coe
- Additional Information -

As has become traditional, the Galerie St. Etienne’s summer exhibition features RECENT ACQUISITIONS, while also recapping highlights of the past season. However, this year’s presentation is given a slightly atypical slant by the forthcoming presidential election.

An important component of the summer show is Sue Coe’s new series, Bully: Master of the Global Merry-Go-Round, an examination of the Bush administration that is also being published in book form. It will come as little surprise to followers of Coe’s career to learn that she is no admirer of George Bush (the "bully" in her title). Like the work of the Weimar-era artists George Grosz and John Heartfield (with which it is paired), Bully is an impassioned protest against the abrogation of democratic and human rights. Recalling Max Beckmann’s 1921 print cycle, The Annual Fair, many of the Bully images employ carnival or amusement-park metaphors. The capstone of the series, a miniature pastiche of Bruegel’s Triumph of Death, is a denunciation of all ideological or religious fundamentalism, and a plea for universal empathy.

RECENT ACQUISITIONS is documented by a comprehensive checklist, which is available free of charge by mail or can be down-loaded from the gallery’s web site The accompanying essay contains the Galerie St. Etienne’s annual "state of the market" report, which this year discusses the impact on the art world of the international political and economic situation.

Please note that our summer hours are Tuesday through Friday 11am-5pm.

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