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First Street Gallery

Penny Kronengold
- Additional Information -

Kronengold's new works, executed since her last show in 2002, reveal a change in mood and meaning. These are sudden, surprising paintings, active and intense like the swimmers they depict. The paintings begin as rapid images drawn at the pool where the artist trains as a member of a swim team. At the same time, they disclose themselves slowly: moving past the literal, these figures take on an almost fetal or  pre-human quality, suggesting creatures that belong to the water. Emerging from a shallow space, these simplified figures reflect the influence of relief sculpture. The landscape drawings, done on-site are included because of the correspondence between rock, tree and  figure forms.

In an article in The New Republic entitled "Winners: The best contemporary artists don't give us the next best thing, but the real thing", Jed Perl wrote that Kronengold's "delicately eccentric visions" create a "chamber-scale Last Judgement, a  pocket-sized Apocalypse" (January 25, 1999). More recently, David Cohen reported being "utterly seized" by her 2002 exhibition, which he called a "must-see" (, March 17, 2002). Her "daring and at the same time highly accomplished inventions" are "perceptually fresh and authentic," he continued, and "her every mark seems to add up to something of pictorial importance."

Her public collectors include Mobil Oil, MCI and the Printmaking Workshop. In addition to eight previous solo exhibitions at the First Street Gallery, she has exhibited at the Albright-Knox Members Gallery, the Trenton City Museum, and the Richard Stockton College Art Gallery. Paintings and sculpture by the artist are reproduced in Tikkun and American Craft.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11  AM to 6 PM.

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