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First Street Gallery

Suzi Evalenko
- Additional Information -

S U Z I  E V A L E N K O

First Street Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Suzi Evalenko.  A reception for the artist will be held on Thursday, October 9, from 6 to 8 pm. 

There is much to engage the viewer in this show.  A painter of striking images rich in color,  Evalenko is also a draftsman of considerable sensitivity and inventiveness.  There are seven boldly-painted portraits and seven charcoal drawings, each drawing done either for or from an accompanying oil.  Beyond the individual works, however, the true subject of this show is the creative process itself.  The artist lays out before us the sources of her inspiration and invites us to see with her eyes, to follow her creative vision, from drawing to painting, from painting to drawing, as she moves from traditional representation to imaginative abstraction. The work is visually arresting and intellectually challenging.

The Henry Kaye drawing for the commissioned Henry Kaye oil (on loan for this show) is a strong study in the realist tradition that draws us into the world of a child momentarily distracted from his own painting.  While the oil has a Renaissance feel, it is  entirely modern in its handling of color and space.

The other paintings in the show provide the source material for abstracted drawings that  present a different ‘take’ on the subject, re-interpret spatial elements and play with textures and design.  They range in abstraction from the readily readable Distant Gaze, to the drawing of Cecilia - Eight Months Pregnant (which resembles a Japanese woodblock print), to the very abstract, almost sculptural, composition of the Alla and Cat drawing, and a blocky abstraction, At One with the World, that comes into full focus only in reference to the oil I Like My Men Seasoned...(the opening words of a poem by New York poet Lydia Cortes, inscribed in her portrait).

This is Suzi Evalenko’s second solo exhibition at First Street Gallery.  The artist has exhibited in several other galleries in New York as well, in solo and group shows.  Her work  is in numerous private collections in the United States and Europe. More paintings and drawings from recent exhibitions can be seen at

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