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Latin American Masters

Julio Valdez
- Additional Information -

Latin American Masters gallery presents The Island and the Continent, recent paintings by Julio Valdez.  Born in the Dominican Republic, Julio Valdez is recognized internationally as one of the most important of a new generation of artists to emerge from the Caribbean.

Valdez's paintings incorporate process driven formal experimentation, with themes grounded in nature and the mythical-religious.  Although informed by a baroque sensibility, his art is not defined by a single style or movement.  Valdez selects freely from multiple cultural traditions, both ancestral and contemporary, to construct a vocabulary uniquely his own.

Identity is a pervasive theme in Valdez's art.  His interest in human form, transparency, and symbols, has led him to search beyond the obvious, disregarding physical attributes, to explore the idea of identity in the context of cultural roots.

Valdez is the recipient of numerous international awards, including a 2003 fellowship from the New York Foundation for the arts, and was honored this summer with a one-man show at the Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C.  This is the artist's second show with Latin American Masters.

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