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Stephen Westfall
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Stephen Westfall: New Paintings 2002-2003
September 25-November 1, 2003
Opening Thursday, September 25, 6-8

A decade ago, Stephen Westfall relied on no more than a background color and a foreground grid to compose radiant, evocative abstract paintings. Since that time he has let his eye and intuition reveal possibilities latent in this straightforward relationship of color and form. During the past two years, Westfall has been working within a dramatically relaxed framework defined by color and the grid and extending his use of that vocabulary beyond the pathways of modernism and minimalism.

Westfall's structures have been characteristically off-kilter and his colors richly suggestive. Now the organization of verticals and horizontals and of foreground and field is freer and much more varied. While sharing essentially the same elements ­ narrow lines, wide bands and areas of color ­ each of the nine paintings in the exhibition is resolved quite differently. It is remarkable for a group of paintings made within a year’s time to exhibit such diversity.

Several titles refer to music (Yardbird, Mingus, Canon); the idea of music and the infrastructure of notes, chords and rhythms accords with the visual experience of the paintings. So too does a title like Across the Street reinforce the painting's nearly literal depiction of windows, buildings and sky. With a light touch and a sense of humor, Westfall brings an encounter of observation and abstraction to an unexpected conclusion in one particularly interesting new painting.

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