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Gracie Mansion Gallery

Sally Davies
- Additional Information -

During the month of April, Sally Davies will exhibit at both Gracie Mansion/Fred Dorfman projects in the East Village as well as Robert Steele Gallery in Soho. 

The show at Gracie Mansion/Fred Dorfman projects will focus on representations of luxury products and the privileges of ownership. Why do we desire these things? Is it because a Warhol Brillo box will "expand your circle of admirers"  or that a Vladimir Kagan chair will "attract well connected European people?"  Davies says it's about
advertising and a lifestyle where Dodge Charges and paintings by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein are equally emblems of high living.

"Davies' art does not invent things, it represents a return to fantasy, to caprice, to superstition via simulacra. It also represents a return to atavism and personal mythology. The practice suggests a certain vision of culture as a personal habitat whose material forms are the legacy of accumulated wisdom, bearing the trace of prior formulas and the impress of gestures shared by countless other individuals.  Outside the habits of the body that give objects their shape and that create social spaces cluttered by personal accessories invested with meaning then, there is the law of entropy.  In the space that opens up beyond the art object, a dialogue is enacted between high and low, and the questioning of values in a system that both supports and interrogates hierarchical shifts".
-Susan Douglas, Parachute, July, 1994

"What role does art play in this contemporary, multicultural, multivalent,  polyphonic, open-ended, non-hierarchical post-postmodern period?  Why, it gets you the Rolex watch you've coveted (or the) the four-wheel drive you desire.  Davies' icons are produced for contemporary patrons and a swank car or Lear  jet on canvas can serve the same function as medals of St. Anthony in silver or gold."
- Border Crossings, Winter, 1995

In the Project Room at Robert Steele Gallery, Sally Davies will exhibit paintings which are informed by war tattoo images from the 40's and 50's. The tattoos functioned as talismans, embodied with the power to bring the soldiers and sailors safely home. These pink-cheeked beauties encapsulated their hopes and dreams for a better life filled with love, lust and mystical powers.

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