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Action Precision
- Additional Information -

Selected works by nine contemporary painters suggest the importance and range of possibility for gesture in the creation of abstract paintings. Independent of and yet in dialogue with their abstract expressionist forebears, the artists in the exhibition share a commitment to a highly personal discipline of markmaking. The physical actions range from veils of precisely poured paint to the use of personalized tools and processes in the service of a precise gesture and the construction of an indelible image. Single gestures contrast with a multitude of repeated marks, and linear, calligraphic marks are juxtaposed in the exhibition with more painterly ones.

The title Action Precision was coined by curator Paul Schimmel in 1984 for an important historical exhibition of six New York School painters closely related in age and very much part of a shared culture and outlook. Our exhibition presents a view of a group more diverse in age and background that demonstrates the continued significance of gestural abstraction in an era of tremendously diverse creative practices.

A number of neighborhood galleries have generously made paintings available for the show ­ Florence Lynch, Greene Naftali, Elizabeth Harris, Paul Kasmin, CRG and Von Lintel ­ and we are grateful to them and to all the artists for their support of the exhibition.

For images and additional information, please contact Amy Yee at 212-941-0012, by email to or visit

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