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The Electrifying Nerve Brigade
- Additional Information -

New York artists Eugene Clark and Don Puglisi, join Detroit artist, Nelson Smith, for two provocative evenings of performance art, in The Electrifying Nerve Brigade, Thursday and Friday  September 18th and 19th, at the Greenwich Village Center Theater of the Children=D5s Aid Society.

The Electrifying Nerve Brigade features the work of three highly acclaimed performance artists in a cabaret style show. This 80 minute multi-media production, as genre, is a Gesamtkustwerk: a total work of art that involves the integration and fusing of several art forms in a particular manner.  Each artist portrays his own interpretation of aesthetic meaning by fusing formal and conceptual elements.  This intriguing performance will include video and slide projected images mixed with movement,  sound imagery, spoken word, and unique stage sets to create the ultimate in nerve tantalizing performance art.

Eugene Clark brings a remarkable approach to his style of performance art. His art work has been exhibited in New York City at the Pat Hearn Gallery, and this June will be featured at the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland,and the Braunschweig Art Academy in Germany. He is also the assistant to the Director of the 303 Gallery in Chelsea.  Eugene teams up with the artistry of Don Puglisi who, as a member of the New York comedy improve group wingnuts, is sure to dazzle the audience with his fascinating wit.  A graduate of the School of Visual Arts,  Don has exhibited in New York City at the National Arts Club, and will also be featured in June at the Braunschweig Art Academy in Germany.  Nelson Smith,  an artist from Detroit, Michigan, adds a mysterious execution to his performance with his curious yet distinct views.  Nelson, a veteran performance artist, recently performed at the Performance Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and will be featured this spring at the Detroit Focus Gallery.

Tickets for the performances are $10.00 and are available in advance or the night of the show. For ticket information call Stephanie Russell, Arts Director, 212-254-3074.

Contact Stephanie Russell,  Arts Director, 212-254-3074, or Eugene Clark,  718-599-5209

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