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Artists on Pavement

Outdoor Performance
- Additional Information -

Artists On Pavement takes performance art to the streets.  Eugene Clark and Don Puglisi combine their expertise during these two 30 minute performances.  A visual arts network of art objects,  movement, spoken word, anti-theatrical arguments, and an exploration of the strategies by which we attempt psychological stability and resolution in a culture that we often experience as so unstable that it feels about to fly apart.  Each aspect of the work is independent gradually becoming harmonious and formally integrated giving the space necessary for the spectator to complete the work of art.

New York's Eugene Clark, 31, is an artist/musician interested in taking art beyond the constructs defined by gallery walls.  His work has been exhibited in New York City at the Pat Hearn Gallery, and will be featured this June at the Basel Art Fair, Switzerland, and the Braunschweig Art Academy, Germany.  Eugene joins the remarkable theatrics of New York artist Don Puglisi, whose knowlege and mastery of the genre extend to his experience in the New York comedy improve troupe Wingnuts.  A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, New York, his art has been exhibited at the National Arts Club, and will also be featured at the Braunschweig Art Academy, Germany, this June.

The performances are free to the public and will take place outdoors, rain or shine.

For more information call: Eugene Clark  718- 599-5209, or Don Puglisi 212-629-7518.

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