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Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.

Carl Palazzolo
- Additional Information -

Lennon, Weinberg is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Carl Palazzolo. This will be his fourth solo exhibition with us since 1990, and his first in eight years. The exhibition will present paintings from a series of works entitled Counting Absence, referring to memory and the inexorable flow of time.

Palazzolo has juxtaposed abstract structures, representational elements and symbols in single and multi-panel paintings. Images of clouds, rose petals and numbers evoke the passage of time within the framework of an image fixed in paint on canvas. The palette is characteric of Palazzolo, comprised of muted hues of greens, grays, and blues with sharp, bright details and gestural incidents.

The paintings are concrete objects which will age, as paintings do, according to their own nature, and which will last, as paintings also do, much longer than we will. In an earlier body of work, Palazzolo deconstructed a painting by John Singer Sargent, The Daughters of Edward Boit, in which young girls are pictured among the accoutrements of their home. Palazzolo contrasted the brevity of youth and life with the enduring presence of the family's beautiful vases and carpets and the existence of the Sargent painting itself. Palazzolo's iconography has continually evolved, as clouds have replaced the water imagery of the earlier paintings as metaphor for the movement of time, but his vocabulary remains at the service of his central theme of memory and loss.

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