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Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andrea Zittel
- Additional Information -

Luhring Augustine and Andrea Rosen are pleased to announce that both galleries will move to the 525-531 West 24th Street building in the Spring of 1998.  Longtime neighbors in Soho, Andrea Rosen and partners Lawrence Luhring and Roland Augustine have acquired the 10,000 square foot former garage building jointly.  Richard Gluckman has been commissioned by both galleries to restore the original 1930s structure and to design the two separate gallery spaces and offices.

It was the extraordinary space and character of the building that determined the decision of both galleries to move.  "The building is our destination, not just Chelsea," the three gallerists explain as they describe the spectacular, column-free, 10,000 square foot space, its 30 foot wood-planked ceiling, original long span steel trusses, and immense skylights.  This space will be divided in half to form the two separate exhibitions spaces and offices of the two galleries. Richard Gluckman was awarded the dual commission to divide the interior space into two independent galleries, expressing the individual style of each gallery, while maintaining the historical and spatial integrity of the building as a whole.  Gluckman defines the project as guided by the "intent to preserve the simple clarity of the building and its quiet presence on the street while allowing two related but different gallery experiences to coexist on the interior." An example of this philosophy was the decision to retain a single entrance from the street, which then provides separate access to the two spaces on the interior.  The industrial nature of the building's original function as a truck-loading garage will remain in evidence, in rich juxtaposition with the clean,finished lines of white walls and office areas.

This move also signals an important development in the evolution of Luhring Augustine and Andrea Rosen as contexts for contemporary art exhibitions of historical stature.  The  unique proportions of the two spaces will make possible far more ambitious shows than the spaces on Prince Street could allow.  Both galleries will inaugurate their respective spaces with significant solo shows:  Andrea Rosen will present Andrea Zittel, and Luhring Augustine will present Jack Pierson.

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