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- Additional Information -

Kenny Schachter is the recipient of a US-Mexico Fund for culture grant, primarily funded by the Rockefeller foundation. The show is also supported by the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York. The grant will be used to
stage a series of exchange shows in New York and Mexico City, each comprised of artists from both countries, installed side by side. Additionally, a color catalogue with texts by US and Mexican critics will be forthcoming, by Gregory Volk and Grady Turner from the US and Ruben Gallo and Luis Filipe Ortega from Mexico.

The aim of the show is to present a cross section of current artworks from Mexico and the US that reflect some of the most promising artistic output extant, highlighting shared and divergent concerns and issues deemed of importance by both groups. Showing the works from both countries side by side is not simply an effort to contrast what is happening in either country; but equally of interest, to depict overlapping sensibilities between Mexican and Americans.

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