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Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Vivid Vision:
- Additional Information -

This joyous and energetic exhibition includes new paintings, the premier of his brand new polychrome outdoor and indoor sculptures and a cavernous black-light "closet", a freestanding unique environment made up hundreds of painted toys and found objects. 

Kenny Scharf came of age in New York City with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring in the early 1980's. As Carter Ratcliff states in the accompanying catalogue,  "Scharf is a member of the first generation of artists for whom television was an already present, unquestionable feature of the landscape."  Kenny Scharf continues to explore his own brand of pop surrealism with a lively vocabulary of characters, organic jungle and space themes and the vivid colors reminiscent of animated television and films.

A full-color catalogue is available with essays by Carter Ratcliff and Robert Farris Thompson. The catalogue also contains an interview between Kenny Scharf and Dennis Hopper and an interview between Kenny Scharf and Keith Haring.

For further information, please contact Hiroko Onoda.

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