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Winston Wachter Fine Art

Jan Aronson
- Additional Information -

Winston Wachter Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition of Jan Aronson's recent landscapes in oil, watercolor, pastel, and graphite.

The new work represents a continuation of Aronson's stylistic development and her intimate relationship with the landscape. Inspired by travel to Kenya, Vermont, and Idaho, she creates kinetic, undulating images of rivers, skies, and trees.  She then visually wrenches apart and reintegrates these images, infusing them with an extreme and reckless vitality.

Aronson's technically complex oil paintings strain and  heave, paralleling in their strenuous construction the exertion that the artist expends in seeking isolated sites.  Likewise, her use of watercolor questions assumptions about the medium; that it is soft, indiscisive, elusive.  Aronson's watercolors, like her other works, are dense, inky, and undiluted.  This passionate coloration, along with her roiling brush stroke, lends an edge of unpredictability to otherwise traditional and idyllic scenes.

Please join us for an opening reception with the artist on Tuesday, October 13, from 6-8 pm. Please call the gallery at for further information.

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