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Winston Wachter Fine Art

Jean Kallina
- Additional Information -

Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of Jean Kallina Recent Work: Rome on September 10, 1998.  In these large-scale black and white photographs of Rome, the artist combines her characteristic elegant, detached formalism with a reinvestigation of a site over-inscribed with art/historical meaning.

Kallina¹s series of photographs in Rome is a return to her work in Paris and Versailles in the late 80s and early 90s.  The earlier series, part of which was exhibited at Winston Wächter in 1996,  described Versailles through coolly aestheticized images that cut through the familiar excess to unearth the passed-over beauty in gardens, architectural detail, etc.  as well as the sense of lived history in the place.  Her photographs in Rome involve a similar aesthetic dichotomy, this time between the clean austerity of her vision and the lushness and sensuality of her subject.

By photographing non-iconic images in locations that have become obscured by familiarity, Kallina clears the air for a renewed appreciation of beautiful and historically significant sites, and offers the viewer a chance to react more personally and directly with the sites and their history, freed from the sameness of their over-exposed façades.    What is always striking about Kallina¹s photographs, whether in Rome, Paris, or Upstate NY, is the eerie stillness created by the lack of any human presence.  At the same time, the meticulously groomed gardens and lavish interiors- however empty- indicate that these spaces are not as abandoned as they appear.  The works in this way evoke a mysterious, wistful presence, and a desire to collapse the distance between past and present by physically tending to history.

The large format of the photographs is scaled to the body of a single viewer, allowing one to be enveloped by the scene and to feel alone within its stillness.  The shallow depth-of-field increases the sense of intimate involvement in the scene and private, quiet, ferreting-out of detail.

The opening reception will be held from 6-8 pm on Thursday, September 10.  For more information, please call 212 327 2526.

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