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Alternative Museum

- Additional Information -

The ubiquitous Disney character permeates and charms our earliest childhood memories and continues to influence our adult lives--even now--as new Disney Worlds' become part of our New World planetary economic existence. 

This comprehensive exhibition gives voice to artists both emerging and recognized who have at one time or another reflected their Mouse memories--almost as often as they turn to the self-portrait or nude. It is the first such exhibition devoted to the exploration of Disney's Mouse within a cultural-political  context.

The exhibit will include some 30-40 works of art by emerging and established artists ranging from drawings to video to mixed media installations. The works of Pop artists such as Roy Lichenstein and Jim Dine--along with more contemporary Post Modernist artists such as Keith Haring and Meyer Vaisman--contribute to an in-depth understanding of "Mouse Power".

An exhibition catalogue with essays by an art historian and art critic as well as  complete doumentation of the exhibition including checklist, b/w and 4-color plates, artists biographies and statements will accompany the exhibit along with  a panel discussion and a series of artist talks.

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