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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Alan Bray
- Additional Information -

Alan Bray was born in Waterville, Maine in 1946.  This is his fourth solo show in New York.

Few artists since Durer have been able to see beyond the specter of illusion and depict the mysterious beauty of reality. This exhibition of Alan Bray's new work reverberates truth and the breath of experience. There is a haunting magic in the stark Maine landscape. Bray paints the inland fields, ponds, hillsides and woods he has explored for a lifetime.  His subjects could be easily overlooked.  They are quiet and remote yet instantly recognizable.

Painting with the chalky medium of casein, Bray distills the pulsating patterns and delicate color harmonies of an ice storm or flock of blackbirds.  His most recent images take an aerial perspective that evokes memory and sees beyond time.

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