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Un apres-midi sur creme brulee anglaise dans un jardin populaire > Additional Information

Gracie Mansion Gallery

Un apres-midi sur creme brulee anglaise dans un jardin populaire
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception:4 November from  6 PM to 8 PM.  Un après-midi sur crème brulée anglaise dans un jardin populaire could be translated to: 'An Afternoon with a Nice English Dessert in a Popular Garden'.

This show presents 4 London based artists, 4 women, curated into a colorful garden of artly delights by the Belgian art company ANP.

Denise Bryan's work consists of photographs combined with more sculptural elements made out of hair. She mixes and blends actual cut hair, giving the work an uncomfortable edge, which is partly due to the promiscuity of mixing up such a personal part of people's bodies. Toying with the fact that cultures around the world contain taboos about the cutting of hair and its disposal,  She explores the transition from the inner to the outer body and the discomfort we feel when we are confronted with what was once part of the body.

Dee Meaden's astonishing piece leads us into machinery land. Her sculptures usually involve the use of electricity; as does the piece she made for this show. A shiny metal ladder is constructed from separate sections that are slotted together. Hanging from the ceiling, it does not provide us with access anywhere. Suddenly it begins to draw its legs up toward the ceiling -- perhaps preventing us from climbing on, scared of being touched, or maybe displaying its ability to be folded away.

Marcelle Price's photos have an aloof strangeness to them. They suggest a cross between Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Batman & Robin, while at the same time referring to the fascination mankind has always had with masks and hiding.    Frankie Sinclair creates animated figures rather than sculptures. Her domineering balloon figures muscle up to people like crazy cartoons off the leash, dominating the body space of the person looking at them. This fabulous world is re-created in 3-D images on paper.

The show will open 4 November with a concert by balloon virtuoso Judy Dunaway. She creates melodies by rubbing, squeaking, tapping, pinching, blowing into and letting air out of, balloons.

We would like to thank the British Council for their support of this exhibition. Please call Gracie Mansion Gallery for more information.

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