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Jack Shainman Gallery

Micah Lexier:
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception - Saturday, January 9, 6-8pm

In his current body of work, Micah Lexier continues his investigation of the passage of time.  Much of Lexier’s enterprise is related to the various increments we employ to document this passage.

In the A Minute of My Time works, Lexier begins with simple drawings, which all of us do whimsically, mindlessly, and almost nervously while performing other activities.  He is not content, however, to leave these minute-long drawings in their original form.  Instead, he tempers the humanness of his gestures by employing highly technical and mechanical processes to capture these moments of time.  Transferring the drawings into various materials and scales, Lexier renders the moment in crisp, severe terms.  He transforms his humble markings into finely crafted objects.  The contradiction between Lexier’s initial expressiveness and the highly controlled, emotionally detached final product creates the inescapable duplicity that drives his work.  He thus conveys:

"a brief moment in his life, a minute of his time  during which he executed a gesture evoking free  expression and the workings of the unconscious - a  gesture whose trace is subsequently turned into an  object, a fragment of time henceforth frozen in space." -Pierre Landry, Curator Musee d’Art Contemporain, Montreal

Micah Lexier has had recent solo exhibitions at the Musee d’Art Contemporain in Montreal, Canada and the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina, Canada and was included in the group exhibition "Speed," Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.  He is currently preparing a solo exhibition that will travel to I-Space Gallery, University of Illinois, Chicago; Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY; and Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO.

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