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Gracie Mansion Gallery

Beatrice Caracciolo
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception:  Wednesday 5 May, 6-8 PM

The Gracie Mansion Gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition in the United States for Italian artist Beatrice Caracciolo.

"Caracciolo’s drawings have an aura of sober authenticity and emotional  accuracy. ...They possess an urgency and directness increasingly rare in our postmodern situation, in which every kind of expression(ism) has been  name-tagged and tracked to its home in the unconscious. ...Her drawings  show that there is still hope for art as a vehicle of emotional truth, intimacy,  subtlety, and strangeness--as a vehicle of unexpected emotions, stretching  the sense of self to its limits--at a time when there is little reason to have  hope."

Donald Kuspit
"Expressionism Redivivus:
Beatrice Caracciolo’s Drawings"

The show will focus on a series of works on paper produced by the Paris-based artist over the last year.  These abstract works resonate with an authenticity and purity rarely seen today.  Caracciolo’s drawings are at once intensely powerful and extremely intimate. Her marks are both forceful and delicate, determined and spontaneous. The strength in these works comes from their contradictions. There is no mediator between the artist and the paper. Everything is revealed here.  Caracciolo's work is honest, open and courageous. These intensely intimate drawings expose a beautiful spirit. They are the ants that moved a mountain.

A catalog with an essay by Donald Kuspit accompanies the show.

Please contact Gracie Mansion Gallery for more information.

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