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Gracie Mansion Gallery

David Sandlin
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception:  Wednesday 22 September, 6 - 8 PM

Gracie Mansion Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of David Sandlin’s paintings, drawings and prints to accompany the release of his newest book, Road to No…Where (A Sinner’s Progress, Vol. III), in which Bill Grimm continues his modern moral journey (an update of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress).

In this latest body of work, Sandlin explores the puritanical underpinnings of modern America and the contradictions that are inherent in a society ostensibly based on freedom, equality and justice, yet fueled by laissez-faire capitalism and hyper-consumerism.  These interests come naturally for the artist, who was born in Ireland and moved to Alabama, both homes to guilt, Puritanism and religious/racial self-righteousness. Sandlin confronts memories of his truck-driving, Bible-thumping Alabama relatives and his Northern Irish, Loyalist, Orange Order heritage.

In Volume III of A Sinner’s Progress, Sandlin’s alter ego, Bill Grimm, continues his odyssey, striving to become a better person, or at least a richer one, and again wrestles with the angels and demons of memory, promise and regret.  In this two-sided book, he faces the choice of remaining an unrepentant libertine or becoming Brother Grimm, a purveyor of puritanical novelty items as an itinerant salesman for Pur-Ton-O-Fun-Co (Putting the Fun back in Fundamental).  This Ponzi scheme of redemption leads him to the Love Motel on the road to Pair o’ Dice.  By turning the book upside down and starting from the opposite direction, Bill Grimm seeks enlightenment through reflection after stumbling upon The Good Book of EZ Virtues and ends up riding the Lust Highway to Sinland.  Both Bill Grimm’s and Brother Grimm’s tales are on a collision course, culminating at the book’s center, a gatefold board game whose 40 squares correspond to the book’s 40 pages and the author’s 40 years. “Roll the Pair O’ Dice, play Sip or Sin. Can you be the first to reach Sell-vation?”

Road to No…Where is a large-format silkscreen book, hand-printed by Sandlin in an edition of 25.  A smaller format, limited-edition silkscreen book has also been published in France by Editions Cornelius in an edition of 400.  Both are available in the U.S. through Gracie Mansion Gallery and Printed Matter.

Sandlin’s comic work has appeared in RAW, STRAPAZIN, ZERO ZERO and most recently at the Museum of Modern Art Library in a four-person exhibition.

David Sandlin received a 1999 New York Foundation for the Arts grant for printmaking and artist’s books.

Please contact Gracie Mansion Gallery for more information.

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