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David Findlay Jr. Fine Art

Private Visions:
- Additional Information -

The works in this exhibition represent a wide range of techniques and mediums.  In the piece Shooting Gallery Liz Solomon has painted her intimate and evocative scenes on photographs.  Jeffrey Blondes has used oil drawings--a monotype process using wet paper and oil paints--for capturing the moody French landscape. David Konigsberg has depicted the fuzzy effects of the brilliant midday summer sun shining on a white house by layering pastel on paper between pulls from his press.

There are a number of watercolors in the show. Trey Friedman suggested the mysterious in an otherwise common New England town as shown in Seen, where black birds fly away from a snowy rake and basket, abandoned in the Fall, as a figure appears on the closed-in porch of a white clapboard house. Thomas McNickle has captured the early morning and evening lights as they cast long shadows and illuminate the roads, barns and fields of western Pennsylvania.  And Kathryn Freeman has taken snippets from her series of neighborhood dynamics and painted watercolors of young girls and the objects incorporated in their lives.

The imagery in this exhibition is also diverse. Joel Corcos Levy has created very loose and spontaneous colored etchings of the view from 158th Street, in New York City, looking south along the Hudson River, which contrast with the architecturally detailed and tightly rendered watercolors and prints of Richard Haas’s New York City buildings.  Conley Harris’s monotype and pastel works depict romantic views of marshes, meadows and forest interiors. Judy Alderfer-Abbott has printed and then hand colored small and detailed renderings of Dahlias. Michael Filmus, who lives in the Berkshires, has depicted the sweeping landscapes of that area with pastel.  And Ruth Weisberg’s  monotypes and a mixed media drawing are investigations of the light that filled the primate exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

While the exhibition thrives on the diversity created by the individual artists’ styles, theories, and interests, the passion each artist brings to her or his work provides a linking thread.

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