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David Findlay Jr. Fine Art

Katheryn Freeman
- Additional Information -

Contact: Lee W. Findlay, Director

David Findlay Jr. Contemporary will be exhibiting 15 oil paintings by Kathryn Freeman. This is Freeman’s first solo exhibition at David Findlay Jr. Contemporary.

The human figure is a never ending source of inspiration for Freeman.  In this exhibition, Freeman’s tendency toward the classical is amplified by the combination of figures, architecture and the geometric shapes of trees and shrubs on planes created by the freshly mown grass of a pristine suburban neighborhood, Freeman’s most recent choice of setting for her figurative narratives.

The content of Freeman’s painting is wholly authentic in her desire to use the classical form to illuminate the human condition. Young girls on the cusp of womanhood take center stage in a number of her works.  Freeman’s interest is not in the dangerous extremes of youth culture and behavior, but in the common experience of the every day.  Freeman treats the isolation and uncertainties of adolescence with her characteristic subtlety and edge.  Her use of a classical frieze composition and timeless symbolism synthesize in a large picture titled Tree of Life, in which neighbors in various life stages look for the secret to immortality.

Freeman’s admiration for Piero della Francesca, Giotto and Masaccio is evident in her subjects which have been  distilled to their very essence, giving them an enduring form and solidity.

Kathryn Freeman has received numerous awards including the Maryland State Council for the Arts Individual Artist Award, the Ingram Merrill Fellowship, and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Fellowship.  She has had solo exhibitions at Tatistcheff & Co. in New York, Pepper Gallery in Boston, Massachussets, and the Harmon-Meeks Gallery in Naples, Florida. She has been included in more than a dozen group shows in America and Canada and is featured in numerous private collections.

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