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David Findlay Jr. Fine Art

Jeffrey Ian Blondes
- Additional Information -

Contact: Lee W. Findlay, Director

David Findlay Jr Inc will be exhibiting 20 works by Jeffrey Blondes. The exhibition will include oil paintings as well as works on paper. This is the second solo exhibition of Blondes’ work at David Findlay Jr Inc, and the gallery will publish a catalogue.

Jeffrey Blondes is 43. He grew up in Washington, D.C., and has been living in France for most of the past eighteen years. Blondes paints directly from nature in his backyard, the Touraine countryside.  His work captures the emotions and eloquence of his experience in that landscape. He has been seasoned by an evolution of styles and disciplined by three years of self-imposed studio work. Blondes worked in Paris and New York City as an artist making photo collages layered between glass. He moved briefly to Connecticut in the mid-80s and met Churchill Davenport at the Silvermine Guild, who challenged him to draw something as elementary as a three-dimensional ball.  The following three years found Blondes back in Paris painting simple still life subjects in his studio.

In 1990 Blondes joined a fellow American artist on a landscape painting trip in the French countryside.  Blondes felt the excitement of this experience acutely.  It lead him and his family to leave Paris and live full time in their restored stone farmhouse in the Touraine so that Blondes could work exclusively en plein air in the landscape.  About working out of doors, Blondes says: The intense energy and focus required to get so many things right at once is akin to running the hundred meters.  Like playing chess, there are endless solutions for trying to record time in nature.

Blondes has been exhibiting in the United States, France, England and Scotland. He recently had a one man show at the Lyman Allyn Museum in New London, Connecticut.

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