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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Alan Bray
- Additional Information -

A Survey of Alan Bray's paintings on view at Schmidt Bingham Gallery, opened at the Farnsworth Art Museum on June 18, and continues at the University of Southern Maine Art Gallery, Gorham, October 20 - December 10, 2000.

This larger view is one distilled from Alan Bray's experience in the woods, fields, and mountains close to his home in inland Maine. Each painting captures the varying effects of light and the distinct patterns of nature in casein on panel.

I have learned to be still and alert. What appears is a dense network of layered depth and structure. Reading the surface of a panel, one slips into the light-filled space of each picture. The lyric rhythms, the echo of forms and patterns, compel the eye to roam. There is an immanence in each landscape, a story unfolding, that is both haunting and wondrous.

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