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Sag Harbor Picture Gallery

- Additional Information -

The remarkably serene photograph, Nude Floating, depicts a young woman, with shut eyes and calm expression, contentedly floating in a pool of water.  She is not, however, wholly adrift, but rather with her legs firmly anchored to the pool's edge, as if she is fearful to commit herself entirely to the water. This picture, taken by the master  photographer Edward Weston, wonderfully exemplifies the often conflicting connection we have with water. While we view it as life-giving and nurturing, and even inspiring in its peacefulness and constancy, we are ever aware of its violent and destructive side as well.  It is this theme - the multifaceted nature of water - that is explored in the Sag Harbor Picture's Gallery's latest presentation.

Featured alongside Mr. Weston will be the acclaimed photographers Minor White, Ruth Orkin and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, contemporary New York photographers Chip Forelli and Daniel Jones, Burt Glinn  and from South America Antonio Turok, Javier Silva Meinel and Mario Algaze.

Minor White, well-known for the beauty and his craftsmanship exhibited in his photographs. Sun over the Pacific, depicts a simple seascape, rendered a masterpiece by the utter sense of calm and the high degree of detail.

A raucous sense of fun pervades Ruth Orkin's Boy Jumping into Hudson River. Staged in an archetypal summer scene of New York boys playing on the river docks, this photograph captures an adventurous youth leaping off a four story building into the river below. Also included are her depiction’s of snow-covered city stoops and the contemplative Man in Rain.  Ms. Orkin is most known for her famous books, A World through My Window and, More Pictures from My Window, documenting the world as she observed it through the window of her Central Park West apartment.

The finely-crafted prints of Daniel Jones capture all the atmospheric beauty and nuance of the Long Island seascape, while New York photographer Chip Forelli's emotionally compelling images are enhanced by his wonderful black and white printing.  Finally, stunning black and white landscapes of Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and the Brazilian Amazon are provided by Antonio Turok, Javier Silva Meinel and Mario Algaze, as well as portraiture by Manuel Alvarez Bravo.

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