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Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Jean-Michel Basquiat
- Additional Information -

The Tony Shafrazi Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition and new books of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat. This show of selected paintings and drawings marks the latest in a long history of Basquiat works on exhibition at the gallery.

Since the 1983 group exhibition "Champions," the gallery has consistently hosted works by Jean-Michel-Basquiat, including the "Warhol-Basquiat" collaborative exhibition in 1985, a solo exhibition of drawings in 1987, "Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat: Paintings" in 1990, and most recently "Jean-Michel Basquiat" in April of 1998.

While recognition of the artist, who died in 1988, continues to grow rapidly, this show demonstrates the great range of Jean-Michel Basquiat's oeuvre. In a very short period of time Basquiat created prodigiously. His combination of text and image-based painting was equal parts evidence of the Conceptual art he helped foster and the movement of 1980s painters, most commonly known as neo-expressionism. Basquiat's colorful and seemingly simple brand of expressionist painting often belies his excruciating and intensely poetic subject matter. The subject matter was dubbed by him, "Royalty, Heroism, and the Streets," but it is also the imaging and writing of revisionist history.

In bringing together a select group of paintings and drawings the gallery commemorates its long involvement with the work and celebrates these new books:

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Edited by Franklin Sirmans
Essays by Tony Shafrazi, Franklin Sirmans, Peter Brant, Herbert and Lenore Schorr, Keith Haring, Richard Marshall, Glenn O’Brien, Francesco Pellizzi; poem by Ted Joans; interview with Fab Five Freddy.
Tony Shafrazi Gallery, 1999  336 pages

Jean-Michel Basquiat: Works on Paper
Preface by Enrico Navarra
Essays by Richard Marshall, Bernard Blistene, Elena Ochoa, and Robert Farris Thompson.
Galerie Enrico Navarra  375 pages

Please contact Hiroko Onoda for further information.

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