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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Dozier Bell
- Additional Information -

A mysterious aureole of white appears in a dark sky filled with clouds. The triptych painting is titled "Signal." Narrow side panels take aerial views--a low chiseled sky line of buildings on the left; a high altitude shot of the ground, flying into the sun. Signs and signals are not always a clear indication of what is to follow, and I think the painting seeks to address the effort to understand the meaning of a signal--hence there is very little concrete information to go on. The moment in which we become aware of a signal, and before we understand its meaning, is a numinous one, full of both fear and hope. Nothing is clear. (D.B.)

Cross-hairs: the symbol of a cross or a military target? A pilot’s view-finder, a lens of concentric circles like luminescent halos; explosion or celestial light, do we look through mist or smoke?--these are some of the multiple impressions in Dozier Bell’s "Conflict Series."

Living in Weimar, Germany for a year, her photographic collages, and her interest in genetic memory steer Dozier Bell’s luminous land and sky-scape paintings to reconcile history. The lush tonal surfaces of her canvases send one deep into space, but the fine lines of a lens or periscope bring one immediately back to the surface.

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