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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Morris Graves
- Additional Information -

Fully illustrated catalog with text by: Barry Schwabsky, Nancy Wilson Ross, John Cage and Dr. Alvin Friedman-Kien, $20. To order a copy send a check and your address, or you may contact the gallery.

In his 90th year, Morris Graves has chosen to present a project from 1961 never before publicly exhibited. These two-sided sculptures chart an unfamiliar place, a place Graves has spent a lifetime exploring. They are lenses that align inner and outer space. Prophetic visions conceived mid-century, the Instruments for a New Navigation now celebrate the end of the 20th century machine age and provide passage ...navigating the ocean of the mind.

These constructions cast of bronze and steel with bases of Tuscan marble and alabaster support large viewers, shaped like either a window or a porthole. To some they suggest part of a telescope tube, to others a magnifying lens or luminous signpost. Through each window or porthole can be seen layers of radiant Venetian glass, minerals such as mica, brass filings, copper, or fossilized pyrite that resemble the inside of a flower, the pupil of an eye, a moonscape or a microchip. Each side of each Instrument is different. They change with the light and with the way each of us, navigators all, look at them.

John Cage reading Series Re Morris Graves available on compact disc from Mode Records or by contacting Schmidt Bingham Gallery.

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