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Water: John Cage, Gordon Cook, Ray Kass and Idelle Weber > Additional Information

Schmidt Bingham Gallery

- Additional Information -

Water -- fluid, ephemeral, elemental -- a reflective surface for light, color and rhythmic patterns.  Water is a continual and universal source of inspiration and renewal.

This exhibition looks through the lenses of four distinct artists in different media:

New River Stones, 1983 (John Cage’s first watercolor) and New River Watercolors, 1988 (Series I, II, III, and IV) by composer John Cage (1912 – 1991)

Etchings of San Francisco Headlands and Mountain Lake, 1964, by Gordon Cook (1927 - 1985.)

Panel cover with beeswax and mixed media evoke the California Surf at Rekwoi, 1998 and White Atlantic, Chincoteague, 2000 by Ray Kass -- collaborator with John Cage at the Mountain Lake Workshop, 1983 - 1990.

Phillips Creek Water and Pebbles, 1988, a series of watercolor collage paintings on handmade paper by Realist, Idelle Weber.

The “chance operations” of John Cage’s watercolors and elegant squiggles made by Gordon Cook’s etching needle reveal, in contradictory styles, the lyric motion of water.

The paintings of Ray Kass and Idelle Weber focus on the elusive flecks of light stirred by wind on a stream or the sea with watercolor, collage, graphite and smoke.

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