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Gracie Mansion Gallery

Sally Davies
- Additional Information -

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 31, 6-8pm

The Gracie Mansion Gallery is proud to present a series of large-scale photographs by Sally Davies.

Recent photographs by Sally Davies locate us in the realm of science fiction or perhaps, a particular American Dream.  Benign ready-made aliens, wearing Barbie clothes, have invaded our planet, or more specifically, The City. They have heard about freedom, capitalism, the Internet, and they want in.  They raise families, drink soda, collect contemporary art, and download porn on their laptops.  They live in 'model homes,' the ones we covet in Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair.  They lean their guitars on the exposed brick of Greenwich Village pads, and relax in Eames Chairs and Le Courbusier loungers while contemplating their newest acquisitions: a John Currin, a Basquiat, a Sally Davies.

The artist is clearly having a ball, making sets, structuring narratives, and drawing a bead on upwardly mobile desires.  She has been immersed in alien culture for years, only recently combining this interest with her history as a Pop influenced painter.  This new work puts her in the realm of Laurie Simmons and Bill Wegman, with their stock company of costumed players.

Sally Davies' constructed photographs prove one point beautifully; we have seen the enemy and they are us.
Stuart Horodner
Director/Curator of Bucknell Art Gallery
Bucknell University

Selected Biographical Information

Solo Exhibitions
2000 Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
2000 MTV, New York
1999 "Aliens in Art," Bucknell Center Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
1997 Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
1996 OK Harris Gallery, New York
1993 OK Harris Gallery, New York

Group Exhibitions
2000 "Posers and Impostors," Leo Burnett Ad Agency, Chicago
2000 "Miami 2000," Gracie Mansion Gallery
1999 "Shoes Shoes Shoes," Frederieke Taylor/TZ' Art, New York
1999 "From Head to Toe," Graystone Gallery, San Francisco
1999 "No Kidding-Visions of Childhood", Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York
1998 "F.I.S.T.," Angelus Novus Project Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
1997 "No Small Feet," Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
1997 Art Santa Fe, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1997 Art Chicago, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1997 Gramercy International Art Fair, New York, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1997 Gramercy International at Raleigh Hotel, Miami, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1996 Allan Stone Gallery, New York
1996 "The American Chair," Pelham Art Center, New York
1996 Gramercy International at Chateau Marmount Los Angeles, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1996 Gramercy International Art Fair, New York, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)
1996 Art Chicago, (Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York)

1995 Westbeth Gallery, New York
1995 Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, FL
1995 "A Celebration of the American Table," American Craft Museum, New York
1995 Three Rivers Juried Art Competition, Pittsburgh, PA (1st Prize) Judge: Richard Flood, Chief Curator, Walker Museum
1994 Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, FL

1994-97 Elvis & Marilyn: 2x Immortal Show
11/02/94 - 01/08/95, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
02/04/95 - 03/26/95, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX
04/15/95 - 06/30/95, Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC
08/02/95 - 09/23/95, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
11/09/95 - 01/07/96, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL
01/27/96 - 03/23/96, Portland Museum, Portland, MA
04/14/96 - 06/02/96, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK
06/22/96 - 08/19/96, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
09/07/96 - 11/03/96, Tennessee State Museum, TN
11/23/96 - 01/30/97, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA
04/16/97 - 06/08/97, Honolulu Academy of Art, Honolulu, HA

Jane Holzer
Harvard Business School
Leonard Cohen
Johnny Depp
Wolfgang Puck
Tim Burton
Joel Schumacher
Ted Demme
Garland Jeffreys
Susur Lee
Susan Toepfer (People Magazine)
Robert Epstein
Lorenzo Carcaterra
Adrianna Trigiani
David Johnson Nine Inch Nails
Jim Cuddy Blue Rodeo
Dan Aykroyd
Terry Garr
Michael Patrick King
Illona Malka Rich
Darren Starr
Sara Jessica Parker                       

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Television and Film Coverage
30 Paintings featured in HBO TV Series "Sex and the City," 1999
7 Paintings featured in Paramount Pictures Film "200 Cigarettes," 1999
Entertainment Tonight, (On Location: "200 Cigarettes"), 1998
Lucky Chairs featured on Oprah Winfrey Show, 1995
CBC TV, Montreal Quebec, Canada, 1994

For more information please contact Sally Davies.

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