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From Facade to Psyche: Turn-of-the-Century Portraiture in Austria and Germany > Additional Information

Galerie St. Etienne

From Facade to Psyche
- Additional Information -

For centuries, academic European portraiture strove to capture the physical likeness of its subjects.  Often men and women of high status, these subjects were usually depicted in a manner that was not only flattering, but that overtly reflected the sitter's worldy position.  However, around the turn of the last century, the Austrian and German avant-garde adopted a strikingly different approach to potraiture: rather than portraying the social facades of their subjects, artists strove to penetrate their inner psyches.  Sometimes the results were far from flattering, but almost always these modern portraits provided an interesting and refreshing alternative to a tradition grown stale over time. FROM FACADE TO PSYCHE explores this shift.

FROM FACADE TO PSYCHE is documented by a comprehensive checklist, which is available free of charge upon request.

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