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David Findlay Jr. Fine Art

Thomas McNickle
- Additional Information -

David Findlay Jr Contemporary is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition of watercolors by Thomas McNickle. The gallery will be exhibiting 23 new watercolors by this well-known contemporary landscape artist from western Pennsylvania.

One of the most exciting aspects of McNickle’s work is his ability to capture light.  In his watercolors he may render the early morning shadows on a snowy farm road or intense summer colors reflecting from a pond in the late afternoon, all exhibiting his adeptness with light.  He says of his work: Light makes each moment and location unique.  Once the light has caught my attention, I begin to work quickly....It’s the process that matters, not the finished product.

McNickle paints his smaller works on site and the larger ones in his studio using notes and sometimes photographs to direct his process. The process, almost a spiritual experience for McNickle, brings sentient qualities to his paintings. Through his intense subjective approach, McNickle presents a universality which attracts even the most urban audience. Real painting comes from the being, not from the intellect, McNickle said.  Although the artist chooses to paint the barns, meadows, and isolationism of rural western Pennsylvania, the energy and passion with which he infuses his work is the initial and binding appeal for most viewers of his paintings.

McNickle is 55 years old.  He studied at Edinboro State University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.  He has been exhibiting his paintings for over twenty-five years, including thirty solo shows and more than one hundred group exhibitions.  He recently had his third solo show at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

Please call us at 212-486-7660 for more information and images.

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