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Sag Harbor Picture Gallery

Photography of Chip Forelli and Daniel Jones:
- Additional Information -

The Sag Harbor Picture Gallery is delighted to complete its summer season by welcoming back photographers Chip Forelli and Daniel Jones in a collection of hauntingly beautiful black and white pictures entitled The Lyrical Landscape.

With images ranging from seascapes to rustic interiors, Daniel Jones presents pictures at once spare in composition and lush in tonal range.  In their simplicity, the pictures have a contemplative, nearly zenlike quality to them. In one picture, Mr. Jones captures an earthtakingly quiet moment of dialogue between the two basic elements of the image - a bench on the beach and a cloud, just coming into view, in the upper corner of the picture. Another image is nearly an abstraction - seven pilings emerging from ocean water blanketed in fog appear as seven stark black lines against a backdrop showing a continuous tonal range from middle gray to white.

In the tradition of such landscape photographers as Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, the finely-crafted prints of Daniel Jones captures all the atmospheric beauty and nuance of his subject.  Citing the famed photographer Alfred Stieglitz, Mr. Jones uses his large-format camera to "create an equivalent" of the emotional, as well as the visual, experience of viewing the actual landscape. The negative of a large-format camera allows Mr. Jones the room to work towards capturing the detail and tonality necessary to achieve this goal, and his abilities as a printmaker further enhance the impact of the image.

Mr. Jones studied illustration and design at California State University at Northridge and currently resides on the north fork of eastern Long Island. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the New York area, and was honored as Best New Artist by the Aubodon Society.

Another master craftsman, Chip Forelli uses his camera to create dreamy landscapes, evocative of the rich spirituality inherent in nature for those who choose to see it.  A firm believer in the need for contemporary man to both literally and figuratively 'unplug the TV,' Mr. Forelli views his photographs as 'visual gifts' available to those who have chosen to renew their innate sense of wonder and beauty which contemporary culture and its  commercial-driven imagery has deadened.  Like Mr. Jones, Mr. Forelli holds dear the 'less is more' philosophy, and his images consequently have a strong graphic quality about them.  The picture Steel Pier/Lake Michigan, long exposure time has coalesced the movement of the water and sky into bands of sheer light and shadow, the pier itself jutting into the center of the picture from a swirl of deep shadow; in Three Rocks and an Island, the dark rocks emerge in sharp relief from a ghostly mist of ocean spray.

Mr. Forelli's work has been published in Communication Arts Photography Annual, Graphis, View Camera, Lenswork Quarterly and Sierra Magazine, and he has had recent one-person shows at the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Galleries at the Interchurch Center in New York, and the Mercedes Benz Galleries in New York.  Mr. Forelli teaches at the International Center of Photography and the Cape Cod Photography Workshops in Massachusetts.  Additionally, he co-founded the New York. Photographers Forum to help uncover the work of new photographers and regularly juries exhibitions.  The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, New Jersey Photography Forum and the Sierra Club have all given his work top awards.  Mr. Forelli currently resides in New York City.

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