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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

James Moore
- Additional Information -

James Moore paints from life. The air and northern light in his California studio envelop his tabletop still lifes. Painterly brushstrokes dissolve in the precise resolution and color of "Lemons in a Brass Pan" or "Yellow Pears in a White Bowl." Less formal subjects such as a "Large Squash," "2 Red Onions" or "Spartan Apples" beam with dignity and delight.

Set against tonal backgrounds, James Moore's centered arrangements of fruits and flowers are meant to invite a sense of calm contemplation, and to express a state of being which is beautiful, constant and divine.

Born in 1946, James Moore was educated at the Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena. He lives in northern California and makes this his 11th solo show in New York.

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