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Karen McCready Fine Art

Six Abstract Painters
- Additional Information -

Opening July 13, 2000 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Departing from our usual shows of works on paper and prints, we are pleased to present a selection of abstract paintings on paper, board and canvas.

The work in "Six Abstract Painters" includes a number of different styles many of which are process based. For instance, Margaret Lanzetta uses various metal screens to create her multilayered paintings on mylar and paper; Beth Miller's paintings on paper combine gouache and watercolor with tantilizing hints of line crossing over between painting and drawing; Nicole Parcher's freeflowing mixed media works mix gestural drawing and collage; Carleen Sheehan creates luxurious post card size paintings, pocket size microcosms that reference microscopic forms, decorative patterning, garland, mandalas, ribbon candy and circuitry; Garry Mitchell's paintings on wood and canvas are elegantly blurred grids of layered color.

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