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Carroll Todd
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Born in 1954, Carroll Todd has been sculpting in welded bronze and steel for 20 years.  His style is grounded in modernism with a touch of mischief.  Elegant design and construction belie his archaic simplicity and whimsy.  Each piece of sculpture is hand-crafted and mottled with a select patina from grass-green to blue-black.  The spark of invention and train of imagination is put magically into motion.

Motion is felt in a snake slithering through blades of grass, titled Don’t Tread on Me.  Antelope handlebars make a small Bike speed through air.  A Black Rabbit Toy chases a carrot.  A circle of glass shields a Spider Legs table.  Trojan Ruby, a pert terrier posed on a cart, is ready to roll.

These little stories may be a mix of childhood memories or bedtime fairy tales.  Carroll Todd was raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  In 1980, he earned an MFA in sculpture at Cornell University.  Since then, he has worked with award-winning architects on site specific projects crafting a floating fire place with a hood of rippling steel for Smoke, arcs of bronze for doors, a moveable Island screen, and a new 7’ Mermaid reclining by the pool.

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