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Sag Harbor Picture Gallery

The Last Places on Earth:
- Additional Information -

Eric Meola has traveled the world and brought us back a collection of gorgeous and evocative images of disappearing traditions and exotic locales: the Taj Mahal shrouded in the rose tones of a misty Agra sunrise, a New Guinea man with a face framed in sky-blue paint and topped by a hat lined with brilliant red roses, three Tibetan monks clothed in robes decorated with vivid dragon imagery, and a portrait of two beautiful Masai against a dramatic sky in Africa, traditionally decorated in the manner of her nomadic tribe. These images, and more than 25 other equally entrancing pictures, are all to be found on display at the Sag Harbor Picture Gallery's show featuring selections from Eric Meola's collection of color photography entitled 'The Last Places on Earth.'

Over the last five years Eric Meola has made several expeditions to Africa, India, China, New Guinea and elsewhere to photograph a world of landscapes, peoples and cultures which are rapidly disappearing as human kind advances into the Information Age; This collection of photographic work and accompanying text, 'The Last Places on Earth,' will be published in a book form later in the Fall of 2001 and accompanied by a worldwide traveling exhibit. Conde Nast Traveler magazine will be featuring 12 pages of images from the book in this year's August issue. Since 1996 Mr. Meola has been sponsored by Kodak in this endeavor. The Sag Harbor Picture Gallery is honored and pleased to present a special preview of this show.

Mr. Meola has traveled far and wide in pursuit of a picture; In addition to those far-flung 'last places on Earth,' he has visited Israel, and is well-traveled throughout Asia and North America. He first gained renown for his photographs of Haiti taken in 1972 for Time magazine.Additionally, Mr. Meola's work has been seen in the pages of Life, Travel and Leisure, and Esquire magazines, as well as numerous advertising projects and photography journals; He is perhaps most well-known for his cover photograph on Bruce Springsteen's classic album 'Born to Run.'

All prints in the show are made on heavily textured watercolor paper, using archival pigmented ink, arelatively new technique to fine art photography which greatly complements Mr.Meola's colorful and graphic photographs.

There will be a reception welcoming Eric Meola on June 24th a 5pm.

Call 631-725-3100 or email Sag Harbor Picture Gallery for gallery
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