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Adele Alsop
- Additional Information -

The paintings of Adele Alsop are pure passionate energy grounded in the redrock desert of southern Utah. She understands the creative tension that exists between the domestic and the wild, how one makes a home in an erosional landscape. She translates the intensity of the desert through a vibrancy of color, each brushstroke akin to heat. The juxtaposition of orchards and sandstone; jars of freshly cut roses against the backdrop of redrock canyons; green always in conversation with red; are the humble and intimate gestures of how one lives in wildness. Each image is a loving story of a world still in creation. -Terry Tempest Williams

Outside her studio in Moab, UT, Adele Alsop paints en plein air. Full strokes of color snap into perspective and fill each canvas with luminous depth. A promenade of mountain pines, the fringes of her wild rose garden, purple shadows on the mesas, or reflections in a pool of rain, lead one into wide open sky.

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